FINANCE AFRICA is an international publication on finance, business trade, investment, and technology in Africa.

Our mission is to contribute to sustainable development of Africa through research, objective analysis, balanced reporting, networking, consulting, and acknowledgement of African strengths and achievements.

The vehicles for achieving our mission include the publication of this magazine, organization of conferences, seminars, exhibition, and workshops, provision of consulting and counseling services, and maintenance of an active and informative web site- FINANCE AFRICA ONLINE.

Another important vehicle being introduced is FINANCE AFRICA FUND which is aimed at generating and harnessing capital resources for Africa’s development purpose.

Regular features of FINANCE AFRICA magazine include editorial, feature articles, comments and letters, business briefs & updates, finance & investments, products & services, technology & infrastructure, education & professions, research & development, African nations, corporations and institutions, achievers, Africans in diaspora, global village, Afrisports, and networking.

The magazine is distributed across Africans, the Americas, Asia, and Europe and readers include finance and business professionals, government officials and policy makers, investors, corporate executives and functionaries, international civil servants, intellectuals and students, as well as the general public.

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    Johannesburg stock exchange:30 days in perspectives

    A short interview with JSE chairman:

    Mr. Norman lowenthal.



    • Deaths change political climate in Nigeria.
    • Mandela 80th birthday and wedding of the decade.
    • Turmoil in Congo. President Clinton to testify.
    • Angola debacle.
    • Privatization in Egypt.
    • Jerry Rawlins in south Africa.
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