The publishers want to thank our readers and clients for their supports and for unwavering confidence in FINANCE AFRICA magazine despite its brief absence from the news stand.

The magazine has gone through extensive reorganization and development. We have taken time out to ensure quality publication, sustainable existence and extensive coverage of business, finance, investments, trade and technology in Africa.

Our distribution network has been expanded, additional correspondents and representatives appointed across the African continent and other parts of the world. Our offices are now operational in four important locations; Nigeria, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States of America.

Above all, your favorite magazine is now online. You can now visit finance Africa online on www.financeafrica.com to view past issues, abstracts on current issues, and tips on current issues. The web site provides opportunities for trade exchanges among Africans and between Africans and other people of the world.

The site also features business and financial news, updates, information on Africa’s stock markets, financial and economic indicators, and tenders, as well as African business directory. Finance Africa has entered into strategic alliance with MWEB to give ENHANCED BUSINESS SOLUTIONS to Africa and its partners across the globe.

All these were put in place to satisfy the needs and expectations of our dear readers and clients. This august/September edition centers on maximizing Africa’s wealth which happens to be the theme of the forthcoming FINANCE AFRICA CONFERENCE EXPO’98.

Financial capital is very important and central to Africa’s development and maximization of the continent’s wealth. The edition covers topics including Africa’s debt burden, Johannesburg stock exchange (Africa premier stock market), personal financial planning, and other related topics.

Other topics covered in this edition include UNIDO’s role in the industrialization process of Africa, Nigeria’s political climate after the death of two major actors Abiola and Abacha, as well as the renewed turmoil in Angola and Congo.


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    Johannesburg stock exchange:30 days in perspectives

    A short interview with JSE chairman:

    Mr. Norman lowenthal.



    • Deaths change political climate in Nigeria.
    • Mandela 80th birthday and wedding of the decade.
    • Turmoil in Congo. President Clinton to testify.
    • Angola debacle.
    • Privatization in Egypt.
    • Jerry Rawlins in south Africa.
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